Back in the day, in my small town of only a few thousand, there was the annual fair. It was a magical setup. One day it's just a bare parking lot, and the next - somehow magically overnight, the parking lot became an amazing, fun-filled, huge fair. Featuring rides that you had to wait in line for and big stuffed teddy's that always seemed out of reach with those tricky games. The balloon dart game was my favorite, but always seemed either the balloon wasn't inflated enough, or the dart wasn't sharp enough. Then again, I liked the water-gun game too - but never enough water to win the prize. Anyhow, I loved the annual fair, and I still do.

Fall is a great time of year. Weather temperatures drop slightly and routines change from absolute freedom to restrictions seemingly everywhere - go to school, wake up early, go to bed early, drive slow. What I liked most about fall was the new school year, meeting new friends and re-connecting with old friends. Sometimes new friends become best friends, sometimes more than that. 

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